Friday, March 11, 2016

Camping Thematic Unit for Pre-K and PPCD clients

This unit includes a variety of activities to target expressive and receptive language skills for the Pre K and PPCD population.

  1. Picture exchange selection board for the client to request desired activities.

2. S’mores activity: sequencing, following commands, pretend play

    3.  Sensory Bin: Targeting semantic relationships 
 (i.e., object-location: put the bear in the tent, agent-action: make the bear drink some water, etc.)

4. Fishing activity targeting: receptive identification, labeling, semantic relationships, following commands, turn-taking.
5. Scavenger hunt using binoculars and a checklist to locate camping items around the room.  
Great review and/or intro to camping vocabulary.

These activities were submitted by Jessica Mancha, SLP graduate student at Lamar University.

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