Monday, November 14, 2011

Stuttering therapy materials for easy onset

I created this easy onset graphic to introduce the concept of easying through the vowel to the consonant (good for adolescent clients who stutter). I have the client slide their finger along the graph to the consonant. The easy onset table is seperated by linguistic level of complexity. The sentence portion has spaces to encourage phrasing to decrease rate. Attached are also light loose consonant tables for all stops and bilabials.

by Lamar University Speech-Language Pathology graduate, Kelli Renfro, M.S.


  1. Speech therapy is essential in the resolution of speech problems like stuttering. Most individuals who suffer from this condition are among the target of demeaning actions especially in schools or other public areas. Thus, it is really important to let these individuals undergo such therapies. Anyway, thank you for sharing this very useful tool. This will greatly help improve speech therapy sessions.

  2. I cannot figure out how to download this so I can use it in therapy, HELP!?

  3. It is right under the image/photo. Its written in white so difficult to see.
    But its there :)

  4. Thank you all for your feedback.
    ST Orange County, this is so true and unfortunate.
    We also hope that the links are easier to find now.

  5. Thanks you for posting this!

  6. thank you for this!! it is a great time saver and will be very useful for my middle-school students. :)