Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sound Blending and Segmenting Folder Activity

The short "a" sound was targeted in the classroom the week this activity was used in therapy so all of the CVC words contained the short "a" sound (cat, tap, mat, cap, map, sap, sat, bat, pat, and nap).  Initially the client went through the words only changing the first letter on the rime "-at."  Clients were asked to say what the word would be when each initial sound changed.  After this activity was completed it was repeated by keeping the onset but changing the rime.  For example, "sa-" would be constant but the clients would be asked to add the t and then the p to the end of the word to make different words.

Submitted by Lamar University Speech-Language Pathology graduates Jennifer Yancey, Karen Whisenhunt Saar, Kim Hudler, and Kayla Fontenot.

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