Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Letter Awareness, Sound Identification, & Letter Naming Puppy-Themed Craft

 -letter inventory s p m f
-match upper and lower case letters
-name letters
-ID sound of each letter

Each child gets an 4 rhinestones that have lower case versions of the target letters written on them. They will be asked to identify the letters on the
stones. “What letter is this?” “What sound does that letter make?”

Then they will be directed to the construction paper "collar" and for each rhinestone asked, “Can you find
the partner for this letter?” Then they will glue it on to the corresponding place. They will then glue their puppy collars on the puppy.

Submitted by Lamar University Speech-Language Pathology graduates Jennifer Yancey, Karen Whisenhunt Saar, Kim Hudler, and Kayla Fontenot.

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